PAT Testing

PAT Testing

PAT Testing, or Portable Appliance Testing, is necessary to ensure that appliances have not deteriorated over time and during use and that they remain safe to use. All appliances used, whether in an industrial and commercial environment, should be tested periodically, with the frequency of tests depending on the type of appliance. Electrical safety obligations are not limited to businesses. Landlords, care homes, schools, and tradesmen are also responsible for ensuring their appliances are regular tested.

Ryan Electrical Contractors offer a cost-effective, thorough and trustworthy PAT service to ensure that your electrical equipment is correctly maintained.

Once your Portable Appliance Test has been carried out, stickers will be issued on each appliance to indicate whether it has passed or failed, when it was tested and when the next recommended test should be carried out.  You will also be issued with a full report and certificate with further details of the testing including:

  • The details of the site that has been tested
  • An entry for each appliance along with whether it has passed or failed
  • Individual re-test dates
  • The details of the person or company that performed the test

Further advice on Portable Appliance Testing can be found on the Health and Safety website here.

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