Residential / Household Rewires

Household Rewires

Whether you are homeowner, landlord and tenant, we can carry out complete rewires on homes of any size, style and age.

Rewires may be need for a number of reasons including ageing or dated wiring, or if there’s a fault with your lighting or mains sockets.

Of course, a full rewire may not be required and we may be able to repair any faults or replace any faulty equipment such as installing new sockets.

We’ll carry out a full inspection and survey and provide a full and honest quote for carrying out the rewire or replacement and installation of any other fault components.

We can also provide the following if required:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Landlord certificates
  • Homebuyers reports
  • Minor works certificates

Electrical Socket Installation, Replacement & Repair

Our electrical socket and switch installation and repair service covers all your home’s power sockets both inside and outside, including garages, sheds, garden lights.

Does your home need a rewire?

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